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    Deeksha Asiwal

Ladies and gentlemen, we meet again. This time, we are going to talk about the important task of confirming the best feedback tool for your SaaS product.


This is an incredibly important step that has to be taken for your product, now let's be honest. You put your blood sweat and tears in this product, and you want your customers to have the best experience possible to make that product successful.

How do you make sure the customer has the best experience? Well, you ask them of course!


Customer Feedback in SaaS will be easily done if you want to work out to gather those insights on your customers using micro-survey tools or by using long-form survey tools.

Figuring out what your customer likes can be incredibly easy if you are able to decide on a good enough feedback tool for your company. How to choose the best tool? Dude, we made a list for you! 😎

Check this out:


Survicate is an online survey application which is designed to help out users to get useful customer insights. Survicate says that they do include NPS score templates, but there are a number of other templates at your disposal too! Some of their key features would include the ability to send surveys via several channels, a centralized feedback hub, and integration with Intercom.

Survicate is suitable for the company that wants an uncomplicated survey option on several different communication channels. 🕺


Refiner is a platform for customer feedback as well as user research. It will differentiate itself from the others by using its compelling data segmentation ways and also its ability to export user data to your favorite data analysis platform, and lastly automated replies. Their key features are mainly exceptionally beautiful looking widgets, advanced trigger options for user targeting and survey timing, and sophisticated branching logic.


Refiner.io is best for SaaS companies looking to establish what it is that their users think of them at the same time as working on their platform.


SurveyMonkey is used by millions of websites and businesses worldwide. The reason for that lies in the fact that many features the software provides for creating surveys. Its solution provides useful features such as automated reporting, permission controls for easy data sharing, and an entire set of customization tools that allow you to tune your survey to your brand’s identity. It also has a high reach in the industry and can be integrated with almost 100 apps and plugins.

SurveyMonkey is quite popular and undeniably powerful, but rather steep on the pocket if you want its most impressive features. It’s best for your enterprise when you are able to shell out of luxury and do not mind a relatively larger price tag. 🙈


Zonka would be your girl-next-door survey that will claim its specialty in maximising user feedback rates. It is said to support the NPS framework while also being capable of creating a number of different kinds of surveys. Zonka claims to distinguish itself from the rest by being able to support multiple channels of survey - including mail, QR codes, web pop ups and even SMSs. You might also be surprised to find that they are able to provide support offline surveys at kiosks and bill desks.  Key features include support for 30+ languages 🆎🆚🈸, API and webhook integrations, real-time reporting and alerts, and powerful skip logic and branching.

Zonka is ideal for you if you need to collect customer feedback from a number of channels that include both online as well as offline medium of communication.


SurveySparrow is what can be called a continuous improvement platform. Here, the customer feedback loop can be brought to a closure, with an insistence on decoding every issue at each round. What’s more, the platform has now introduced a video survey to take the engagement level a notch higher.


SurveySparrow is a great way for you to include customer feedback in case you are a large company and you have customers using various communication channels and feedback.


Productboard is useful when you are looking to make your product development process a little more customer-centric. How does it do that, you ask? Well it will collect the customer feedback in a singular section and point trends out to you. 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼 One of its selling points is that it is able to capture feedback from email and other tools, a feature prioritization framework and various roadmap templates.

All in all, it does help you in accessing some basic customer feedback functionalities.


Using Canny is uncannily like bringing some good ol’ democracy into your product development process. Canny makes use of a product voting board in order to catch onto your customer feedback. Once you link them to a specific customer’s profile, you will find out which of your customers is asking to be given which product feature. In fact, this is one of its key features - a voting board, the ability to segment based on some customer attributes, and a roadmap view to share with customers.

We feel that Canny is a great tool board for getting the big picture, honing your most popular feature that your customers are looking for.


The ingenious thing about Loop is that it integrates a screenshot plugin directly to your website together with an embeddable forum where users can submit and vote on feedback. It’s main purpose is to assist you in performing strategized product decisions as well as defend yourself from any bugs. One of its unique selling proposition is the inclusion of a screenshot tool, a user form that will allow ranking features based on their importance as well as a “close the loop” feature.


Loop is, in all honesty, a refreshing voting board that has some dainty little features such as the screenshot abilities! 🌀


Credit given where credit is due, and one thing Hotjar blows out of the park is the simplicity with which it is able to capture user feedback. That's the biggest advantage of Hotjar! It takes on this approach where it tries to visualize the data set consisting of the customer’s feedback. We love how it uses heat maps to make us understand how the users are scrolling, moving, and clicking - and you can even choose to see exactly how your visitors are navigating your website through visitor recordings. With these, you will be able to make sense of what is attracting your customers' eyes and where it makes them lose complete interest and just drop off the website. 🔥

This is what will help you reduce that pesky little bounce rate. 😉


Of course you know, we will save the best for the last. Does that mean we are biased? Hell yeah - and you will be too once you check us out!

We know how daunting it can be to really dig your heels in and try to come up with perceptive ways to collect customer feedback. It is also not lost on us on how that big data can only be useful once it has been applied to better your product and your services for your users.


We offer you our homegrown customer feedback collection software - Hellonext! Here we offer you ingenious ways to go about collecting, as well as analyzing the feedback that has been collected. We take pride in our work and our mission towards streamlining the ways in which big data can be used with ease for your business.

We have various ways that show the simple steps in which we streamline your user feedback collection effort. Hellonext is a feature voting and customer feedback management tool for product owners and SaaS companies.

With Hellonext, you can have your product’s own feedback portal where users can share their feedback or suggestions about your product or service. You also get to keep those users updated with information about how you are addressing their feedback.

We can help you get a superfast start, and everything is promised to flow as freely from the get-go.


Once you sign up with us, you can start collecting feedback right away, directly from your users by using our dynamic feedback boards.

We mold everything around you and your brand at the center - you will be able to customize your entire firm page and replicate your brand over on our platform so that it is a true extension of you.

And to make matters even better, we are proud owners of a zero tracking policy, so that your data is yours to keep!


We will also provide you round-the clock assistance, in which we take your own suggestions too! It’s almost like we like to use Hellonext to make Hellonext better ;)

If all of this is not enough, we have a one month free trial, to give you a nice look and feel of what to expect when you give our platform a chance.

Companies that have their sights on the prize are the ones that are customer centric. These are the companies that will rely on  user-generated content and feedback to improve their product.

The most reliable way to find yourself ahead of your competitors is to choose the right customer feedback tool and install the data-driven approach for the development of your product.

As always, feel free to contact us whenever you need to have your feedback requirements. We are eagerly waiting for your message! 💜


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