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Customer feedback is quite the dynamic method of staying on top of your game. We, here at Hellonext, have been huge fans of Customer Feedback since times of lore. Customer feedback will not only help you build extremely solid relationships with your customers, but also is a very efficient way of optimizing your product to the industry standards.

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The power of customer feedback is able to change the world permanently. Once you take out time to look through what your customers are saying about you and your product, you can take on whatever it is the world throws at you. The level of your brand and the loyalty of your customers can be impacted drastically by the quality of the customer feedback you partake in.

There are multiple tools for collecting user feedback that can provide you a way into your customers’ mind. The best way to do so is to ask them directly.

The angels that we are, we have curated some of the best ways for you to check out 😇:

All-access Customer Support Helpline

Sometimes, the easiest way for a user to give their thoughts is to reach out to you directly! If you are able to set up a 24/7 helpline for the users to reach out to, be it chat or email or even by tagging you on your socials, the customers will be able to readily give in their feedback as per their time of convenience. This ensures that you are able to hear straight from your user’s mouth and that they are able to explain to you exactly what it is they require assistance with in their words. We have to remember that we like a broad customer-base, and that not everyone is similarly literate on a product or service. Hence a phone call would encourage the user to explain to you in their own words and receive first-hand help, and in turn, valuable feedback for you! 😉

Using your website to include some easy-to-refer FAQs

In the year of 2021, we know it is easy to look up anything on Google or on YouTube in order to understand the how-tos of any product or service. Some simple assembling queries, setting-up accounts or even little fixes that have the potential to irritate someone. These can be given and referred to on the FAQ page of your website. Customers will generally not reach out to your support team for minor issues or annoyances. We stan help-center articles and FAQ sections, because this content writer (i.e. me) will not make a phone call unless it is to my mom and even then just text me plsnthanx.

An after-sale short survey call

A survey call made after the customer has concluded the purchase of your product is also a good way of feeling the pulse of the end user. You can include installation help in these calls and also include asking for feedback directly on their experience both during and after the sale process. This will not only create some goodwill with your customer, but also this will ensure instantaneous feedback because what if your feedback email slips through the cracks or is simply added to the customer’s spam folder?

Using Social Media

One of the simplest methods of user feedback tools that we can all agree on would be social media. Instead of chasing your customer for the feedback, we can find our consumers exactly where they are -  their own social media timeline! Just try to include your survey/feedback collection tool on your profile by posting for your feedback collection links on your social media platforms, so that it conveniently appears on their timelines and it becomes easy for both parties to sync up on the issue. 📱

Instagram stories

Tying in neatly with our point above, and seeing as how Instagram has largely become a social media giant (even overtaking the usage of the juggernaut Snapchat),  Instagram has now nearly 1.2 Billion Active Users. They have introduced various ways to generate feedback on the platform, which is easy to use for both the feedback collector as well as the provider. Whether it is including a simple “Yes/No” question, polls, question boxes and of course swipe up links to the page containing the feedback tool; whichever way you think best suits your organization, we recommend making use of this incredible platform as a form of ready to use feedback software.

Post-purchase follow up emails

As an added feature to your product-box, you may consider sending in emails for direct feedback and experience of the user on the product. It might be a good idea to send in an email where the user is able to give in the feedback to the product directly in the mail, instead of redirecting to the survey site. However, redirecting to concerned weblinks is also a plausible solution for the necessary feedback. 📬

Using software to consolidate best user feedback.

While the feedback methods we have mentioned above can be useful to you whether you operate online or offline, some target specific spaces like e-commerce, NPS scores or user-generated reviews platforms might do better by carefully curating the data set that you are trying to measure. For this purpose, there are various software tools available for understanding customer behavior. We have added some of the best ones for you here:


The feedback management system of Parlor allows companies to administer a singular source for capturing and analyzing insights from every channel in your stack, regardless of who collected the data and where it’s stored.


SurveyMonkey is used by millions of websites and businesses worldwide. The reason for that lies in the many features the software provides for creating surveys. Its solution provides useful features such as automated reporting, permission controls for easy data sharing, and an entire set of customization tools that allow you to tune your survey to your brand’s identity. It also has a high reach in the industry and can be integrated with almost 100 apps and plugins.

SurveyMonkey Logo


One tool that has configured the simplicity of user feedback and used it to its advantage is Hotjar. It takes this imaginative approach where it is able to visually approach to record the customer feedback. What it does is, use heat maps which help you identify how users are scrolling, moving, and clicking - and you can even choose to see exactly how your visitors are navigating your website through visitor recordings. Hotjar’s conversion funnels help you find where your visitors are dropping off, and in turn how you can reduce bounce rate.


This platform allows you to collect feedback from multiple channels and organizes those user insights automatically into a list that can be used to inform your roadmap. Customers are also allowed to post feedback directly from your website or app and vote on the improvements they’d most like to see—making it easier for brands to prioritize the features and fixes that customers care about most. Canny is a great tool for the feedback collection process, with an entirely manual process for getting back into conversation with users.

Canny.io logo


Here is a tool that will help you get customer feedback and at the same time, straight away overhauling this feedback collected into a part of your marketing strategy.

So gathering and analyzing feedback becomes just one part of Trustmary.

It is a good idea to consider using Trustmary if you are a sales organization that also wants to get ROI out of the customer feedback you get.


Typeform allows you to set up short but very precise forms that are fun and take only a minute or two to complete, instead of the long and boring ones that tax users 15 to 20 minutes as well as nearly 6-7 yawns in the middle of filling outsaid surveys.

Typeform new logo

Many businesses swear by this customer feedback tool due to its impeccable design with the surveys it lays out. Not only do they look pretty aesthetically pleasing, they are also incredibly easy to work with and customize your own theme, template, and the questions you want to ask. You can also include possible answers for every question to make the survey even easier to complete. The software also allows you to embed videos, images and use the one question at a time format to get the best results. It’s available for $35 per month, and the Premium plan will set you back for $70 per month.


This tool boasts usage by companies including Spotify, Virgin, and Red Bull Mobile. How it works is by recording visitors’ behavior to help identify and fix any problems they are having while browsing your website. Somebody could be having difficulty purchasing an item, for example, while another may be struggling trying to navigate forms on different pages.

We note that this platform is rather simple to use, giving you ways to set up different URLs for monitoring specific tasks. In a way, Userbrain is a great way to avoid having to recruit, manage, and pay to test participants for your website – instead, you get access to a worldwide pool of unbiased user test participants.


Sprinklr is your friendly neighborhood user feedback collection tool, allowing you to  create an online customer community, which can be a great way to create and collate visitor engagement and get faster answers to questions, provide consumer feedback, or gather information to make purchase decisions.

Sprinklr Logo

One of the features bragged by Sprinklr include their ability to simply pivot customer support cases while helping customers get faster answers to questions, and it makes it easy to assist customers with buying decisions through user-generated content.


UserVitals is a tool that allows your team to build products through a simple customer-centric feedback management process. It has its own Chrome extension, where you can quickly capture feedback from wherever the customer may be in conversation.

With this tool, you are able to track feedback over a demo, an email or even a support ticket. It is also able to integrate tools such as Slack, Intercom, etc. By capturing feedback from its original source, you will be able to understand the requirement of the reaction that is leading to the customer’s feedback. Not only using Chrome extensions, you can also have your customers directly submit feedback within the customer portal that is provided in the tool. A “magic link” can be targeted towards the feedback requester to collect user feedback confidentially.


Well, we can admit we could have a bias, but of course we are going to be saving the best for last for our dear readers 😉

Best Customer Feedback Tool

We have various ways that show the simple steps in which we streamline your user feedback collection effort. Hellonext is a feature voting and customer feedback management tool for product owners and SaaS companies.

With Hellonext, you can have your product’s own feedback portal where users can share their feedback or suggestions about your product or service. You also get to keep those users updated with information about how you are addressing their feedback. 📋

We can help you get a superfast start, and everything is promised to flow as freely from the get-go. Once you sign up with us, you can start collecting feedback right away, directly from your users by using our dynamic feedback boards.

We mold everything around you and your brand at the center, you will be able to customize your entire firm page and replicate your brand over on our platform so that it is a true extension of you. 📇

And to make matters even better, we are proud owners of a zero tracking policy, so that your data is yours to keep!

We understand it is critical to capture customer feedback from as many feedback tools as possible to improve the products, services, and experiences you deliver to your customers. However, we want to take it a step further and say that it is even more important to consolidate the feedback received into a single source of data set.

If you are able to bring your customer feedback into one place, you could argue being better at responding to customer needs and being able to update your user precisely that you have undertaken the feedback that was provided by them and have indeed taken up the issue to your support team.

Having a sudden boost of one-off profits does jump your sales revenue, but it is not a sustainable position of operations. By showing your customers that you care about their thoughts, you will build a strong bond that will benefit both sides and lead to better offers and more sales in the future.

By using Hellonext, you are able to make better sense of your customer feedback and provide actionable insights by aggregating everything into a single system of record. But that’s not all!


Building a strong relationship with your customers is one of the best methods for increasing sales. You will build trust with each recurring customer, and they will spread the word about your business.


We understand that customer feedback never stops. The idea is to keep improving your services, which means that you’ll have to ask your customers to provide you with feedback every few months or so. You can use the surveys to inform your customers about new products and offers while getting priceless information that will allow you to strengthen your relationship even further.

If you are looking to build a long lasting faith and get your support team in the spirit of helping build your user base, send us a ping here and we will be more than happy to help you out! 😊

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