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Announcing New UI and Brand Customization

Our product saw a design upgrade last week. Though the changes were minimal the platform now feels a lot cleaner and minimalistic compared to the information every organization holds.

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How to conduct user and marketing research for a product

As a product manager, you may undergo a ton of research to identify the customer needs to give them the right solution. In this process, sometimes you may get confused about how to begin your research with. This article will help you to find what is a user research and market research? And how exactly you should utilize it to make the right decisions. Read on.

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Announcing Merge Feedback

Despite many layers, users sometimes submit duplicate requests. But, now admins can simply merge posts of the same context to avoid duplicates.

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Announcing comments moderation and privacy

Moderating the submission in your organization provides an additional layer of privacy and you can control what goes on. In addition to feedback moderation, now we are introducing comments moderation and the option to disable comments.

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Announcing Mobile Version 1.5

A brand new mobile update went live this month for mobile. This release is major, considering the new features and improvements.

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Under-Promise / Over-Deliver Strategy for Customer Feedback

When you’re handling a crucial role in a SaaS company, you’d more likely get feedback from more sources. Sometimes, you will tend to respond to your customers' feature requests by under-promise or over-deliver. Which is not a better idea. This article covers the problem with under-promise or over-deliver.

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How To Boost Your Product Customer Experience And NPS?

A powerful product speaks through customer experience! CX becomes a wise solution for proving your uniqueness and helps you stay out of the competition. That’s why most product owners carry the mantra “CX is everything”. This article will walk you through how effectively you can boost your product customer experience and Net Promoter Score along the way. Read on.

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Hellonext: An Ideal Tool For Marketing and Sales Teams

Looking for an ideal tool that gives values in your marketing/sales process? That’s where Hellonext comes into the picture. Using Hellonext can benefit you in more ways. Here’s how Hellonext can help you grow when used as a feedback tool for marketing/sales teams. Read on.

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Announcing Admin Panel - Version 1 in Hellonext

Admin panel needed a revamp not just for a better UI but to improve the management much easier for admins. This is the first version of the admin revamp.

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Hellonext: An ideal solution for customer support teams

Customer facing team plays a vital role in crafting real success in the product. Sometimes, it might feel daunting to look around all the resources and gather feedback to know the customer needs. You can do this extremely simple and yet effective with the help of our tool, Hellonext. Check out how Hellonext can make your job easier.

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