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7 things your SaaS product teams should do to succeed

Any SaaS business should focus on these 7 things to stay alive and grow exponentially. Customer focused feedback and feature requests management is at the core of everything you do. Here’s how to …

5 Rules for responding to customer feedback

“Customer service should not be a department, It should be the entire company”

The secret of transforming customers into promoters (Increasing your NPS in …

An extensive guide to turning your customers into promoters and increase your NPS (Net Promoter Score) for your product organically. Learn more from hellonext.

Benefits of Transparent Feedback

Your customers’ needs, preferences and expectations are certainly going to evolve over time. After all, it all comes down to the ability to manage those ideas in a systematic manner. But is feedback …

6 Reasons how in-app feedback helps you build a great product

In the era where most of the work is done with the assistance of an app, building the right product isn’t a cake walk. To make the time and effort put in the development of each feature worthwhile, it …

Choosing the best feedback tool for 2019

We all know about the importance of feedback and how it supports in being successful. Choosing the right tool for user feedback management for your organization is significant as it defines the …

What's new this December - Product Updates for hellonext

Stay current with hellonext product updates. Find out how we’re always improving our user’s experience with new features & functionality.

How poor management of feedback leads to product failure

Every company starts building products with a motive to deliver the best customer experience but not everyone succeeds at doing that.

UnderstandBetter team saves 10 hours a week with hellonext

UnderstandBetter’s teams work closely with their customers to gather feedback about the product, improve and iterate as quick as they can.

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