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How To Boost Your Product Customer Experience And NPS?

A powerful product speaks through customer experience! CX becomes a wise solution for proving your uniqueness and helps you stay out of the competition. That’s why most product owners carry the mantra “CX is everything”. This article will walk you through how effectively you can boost your product customer experience and Net Promoter Score along the way. Read on.

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Hellonext: An Ideal Tool For Marketing and Sales Teams

Looking for an ideal tool that gives values in your marketing/sales process? That’s where Hellonext comes into the picture. Using Hellonext can benefit you in more ways. Here’s how Hellonext can help you grow when used as a feedback tool for marketing/sales teams. Read on.

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Announcing Admin Panel - Version 1 in Hellonext

Admin panel needed a revamp not just for a better UI but to improve the management much easier for admins. This is the first version of the admin revamp.

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Hellonext: An ideal solution for customer support teams

Customer facing team plays a vital role in crafting real success in the product. Sometimes, it might feel daunting to look around all the resources and gather feedback to know the customer needs. You can do this extremely simple and yet effective with the help of our tool, Hellonext. Check out how Hellonext can make your job easier.

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How Customer Feedback can help you in Crafting Product Success?

Customer feedback is the best part of your product improvement. But surprisingly, most of the SaaS companies are not aware of why feedback is crucial and how it helps in their product success. This article helps you in crafting a better product for you.

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How to Increase Customer’s Loyalty by Gathering Feedback?

Gaining customer loyalty is the best promotion you could ever give for your product to bring an organic network of users. But, this is the quite hardest part to make customers trust your product. This article will help you to add insights on how you can do this effectively. Check out!

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5 Product Feedback Collection Mistakes You Should Avoid

Sometimes, it hardly makes sense to get product feedback from all customers and it never makes sense to get it all at once at a single time. Right? As a product manager, you will spend more time gathering all the feedback from customers. At one point you might feel your whole day gets ruined by collecting only feedback. So, how can you manage this? This article walks through the 5 mistakes you …

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Announce 'Search by Tags' in Hellonext

To help search amongst the hundreds of feedback submissions we have brought in the option to ‘search feedback by their tags’ along with the option to search by feedback title.

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Announcing Submission Templates in Hellonext

Some submissions can be informal. To make submissions into certain bucket strict pre-formatted templates are created by the organization admins for their users to use when submitting feedback was introduced.

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How to Get More Significant Feedback From Your Customers about your product?

Getting more feedback from your customers is equal to building your products with meaningful changes. Right? But how will you engage your customers to continue giving feedback for your product, every time? This article will explain how you can make this happen. Read on...

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