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Hellonext is a perfect alternative to Upvoty user feedback tool with great features, neat interface, and powerful integrations to help you build a better feature request portal for your product. Here's why people choose Hellonext over Upvoty.

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Hellonext is a perfect alternative to Upvoty feedback tool with a steal deal pricing, elite interface, and many features to help you build a better feature request portal for your product. Here's why people choose Hellonext over Upvoty.

Experience the smoothest version of UI and UX

We have built our product with one of the best UI, for companies to use with ease. The UI of the product makes all the difference in providing the best user experience possible. Its easier for customers to provide feedback and for product leaders to make altering product decisions and grow exponentially. Discover your “Aha” moment of UI and UX with Hellonext.

"Hellonext's UI is seamlessly ahead of other alternative tools like Upvoty. Our result shows a 3x increase in customer engagement when we started using Hellonext to our users. This is what we pay for"

Senior Product Manager of an Analytics SaaS Product.

Easy Installation

Both Upvoty and Hellonext have an option to install the feedback widget on your website or in your application to collect feedback. But unlike Upvoty, Hellonext is very easy to set up and has better customization options where you can embed the widget anywhere you want in the web page.

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Endless Feedback Boards.

Boards (aka Buckets in Hellonext) are a great way to help you organize and manage feedback. With Hellonext, you can create multiple buckets for each use-case like Customer Feedback, Bugs, Internal Suggestions and more. The buckets customisation options help each bucket to be customised according to its purpose.

With Upvoty, you are limited to only one Board in their base plan, 5 Boards in their higher pricing plan and for you to get unlimited boards you have to pay $49/month to Upvoty; Which is expensive, and a huge drawback. Why would you want to pay so much when Hellonext offers unlimited boards with more features starting at $25.

You need to have the power and freedom to organize your customer feedback in any way you need. Hellonext is the perfect fit for that.

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Mobile app for the busy organisation admins

With Upvoty you can manage your organisation on the web but Hellonext comes with a Mobile app on both iOS and Android.

Being a product leader or owner, you are always on the run. But everyone carries their mobile and our mobile app was designed for Admins to perform actions on the go!

Our mobile app helps admins to manage organisations (yes, all your organisations) from their phone. All admin actions from the web are replicated in our mobile app considering how busy they can get. Manage feedback, comment to customer replies, add changelog and manage buckets on the go without the app.

Feedback Submission Templates

Both the products allow customisable feedback submission templates for each bucket. with the customised submission forms, you can collect feedback from users in a preformatted structure. This makes all the submissions to the bucket uniform

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Guest votes

Organisation can expand the voting option to the public with guest votes. Under the organization settings, you can opt to allow anyone to vote on features without having to log in or sign up. Guest users can even upvote through the embedded feedback widget, roadmap and Intercom feedback widget.

Both Upvoty and Hellonext have this option but what’s notable is the privacy with guest votes enabled. Hellonext ensures that users don’t spam you with the votes by allowing an additional option to reset votes.

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The features already you have + more!

Upvoty and Hellonext have almost the same to offer but Hellonext comes at a better price. The features Hellonext has to offer can keep you covered for a lifetime. While Upvoty has good customisations, Hellonext keeps introducing new features every 2 weeks. Priority features, great UI, customer support, and a product fit as you have never experienced before. Our customisations come with top-notch privacy settings and security. You can check out what more Hellonext has to offer over Upvoty, here.

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Stay tuned for new updates

Hellonext listens to its users and builds what they need quicker than any other product out there. Every two weeks you can see a new update to our product that is covering all aspects of a customer feedback cycle and aids in the product decision-making process.

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More for less

$25/month for Hellonext comes with unlimited boards, unlike 1 board in Upvoty for the same price. Upvoty charges $59 per month to get the features that Hellonext provides. The support, budget, features, everything has been put together to be the right tool for your feature voting tool needs.

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