Best HeadwayApp alternative you have been looking for.

Looking for the best HeadwayApp alternative?

SaaS product owners choose Hellonext as their user feedback tool over HeadwayApp. Hundreds of products have migrated from HeadwayApp to Hellonext.

Predictable pricing

Hellonext starts at just $19 dollars a month. When you need more, you can always go with the $99 dollar plan.

More customizations

You can customize almost everything. Right from custom labels, to brand colors, it is possible with your Hellonext account.

Powerful integrations

You can integrate Hellonext with your workflow easily. All our integrations are deep and easy to use.

Why choose Hellonext?

Hellonext is a popular alternative to HeadwayApp among product owners. With deep integrations, better customizations, and better pricing, Hellonext is a clear winner in the user feedback tools space.

Better predictable pricing alternative tool

Hellonext's pricing starts at just $19 dollars a month. When you want to scale your team and product, you can choose to go with the $99 a month plan with ease. For lesser features, and restricted access, you'll likely pay hundreds of dollars to HeadwayApp, which is very expensive.

Better customizations than HeadwayApp

HeadwayApp alternative tool

We believe that you should be able to customize almost everything. From custom brand colors, to custom labels, custom tags, custom integration rules, and more. Whereas with Headwayapp, you are tied to the limited customization options that they decide, not you.

  • HeadwayApp

    $200/monthdynamic pricing

    You get charged for every person who gives you feedback or interacts with you on HeadwayApp.


    $25/monthpredictable pricing

    You get everything you need without having to pay more as you grow your product. Learn more →

Frequently Asked Questions about HeadwayApp

Hellonext's pricing is cost-effective than Headwayapp's pricing

As you can see, Hellonext starts at $15 per month and expands to a predictable $59 per month when you need more of our features. For the same usage with HeadwayApp, you will end up paying couple of hundred dollars a month since you pay for every tracked user and this becomes out of control as you grow.

When you want even more features, we will work with you to enhance them according to your liking. This is something unique to what others in the industry offer for most SaaS products.

  • Affordable & sensible pricing with great value for money
  • Customize features across modules on Hellonext
  • Thousands of powerful integrations & SSO
  • No tracking of your users' data
  • Priority ratings to give you more data point
  • Custom submission templates

Need a demo, or get an understanding of the pricing? We’re here for you schedule a free demo with us and learn more.

Hellonext's feature set is much more extensive than Headwayapp's features

With Hellonext, you get so much more features and customizations than HeadwayApp. You can customize labels, statuses, build custom roadmap and so much more. HeadwayApp does not allow you to do that, and we don't believe that is not right for you. We believe that you should be in control of the features you pay for.

Besides this, Hellonext is beautifully designed. The simple design helps your customers grasp what they should do to provide feedback for you easily.

We follow what we call "Everything is a toggle" thinking methodology to build features. This means, you get toggles to control almost every feature there is on Hellonext. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. With HeadwayApp, they are in control.

  • Customizable embeds and widgets for boards & changelog
  • Simple design. Simple to understand & use
  • Whitelabel your account according to your liking
  • Easy-on-the-eye dark mode
  • Anonymous feedback submission & voting
  • Read-only boards

How often does Hellonext release new features when compared to HeadwayApp?

Every 14 days. Hellonext receives new features every 14 days for the same price you paid for when signing up.

So when you request a feature that you think is missing, Hellonext prioritizes features much faster and better when compared to HeadwayApp. HeadwayApp tends to release new features at their discresion and not when you need them the most.

In fact, Hellonext received updates at least 10 times every single day. Read about our daily release cycle here →

Frequently Asked Questions about HeadwayApp

HeadwayApp Pricing

How much does HeadwayApp cost per month? It's complicated. HeadwayApp has a variable pricing. This means, you pay more to HeadwayApp as you have more users give you feedback. Here's a simple breakdown of HeadwayApp pricing:

  • $50 per month for just 100 tracked users.
  • $200 per month for just 1000 tracked users.
  • 5% share of the total number of users giving you feedback every month.

Can I remove "Powered by HeadwayApp" message? No.

You can't. Even if you would like to pay more than what they charge you every month, you cannot remove the "Powered by HeadwayApp" message from your feedback portal. Annoying much? We agree.

Switching to Hellonext from HeadwayApp takes less than 5 minutes. Talk to us real quick, and we will help you get started.

Switching from HeadwayApp to Hellonext?

Using HeadwayApp currently and switching to Hellonext? We'll help you get up and running in no time.

Switching to Hellonext from HeadwayApp takes less than 5 minutes. Talk to our support, and we will help you get started.

Ready to switch from HeadwayApp?

We'll help you migrate all of your existing HeadwayApp data into Hellonext with votes and comments.

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