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A changelog helps in announcing product updates, and release notes that users need to know and makes it easier for everyone to see what notable changes have been made in the release.

Headway is a simple changelog platform that allows you to keep the users in the loop. Would that be enough for your customers to get updated only about the releases? No, customers love to be a part of the product by providing inputs for the features and growth.

In that way, Headway is missing a lot of major elements that are required in a customer feedback cycle.

Here is where Hellonext comes into the picture. It is not only about the product announcements, but also a lot of features built for you to do an amazing job in your product growth.

Hellonext is better than Headway

Headway just offers a public changelog to keep customers informed but not take part in any of feature decisions. Then, how do you know if you’re building the right features for your customers?

Hellonext helps you to gather feedback from your customers to plan for the product releases. By using our product customers can submit feedback requests and vote on other submissions helping you plan the right features.

A dedicated platform will not only help you choose the right feature but help product leaders plan the full product cycle. Right from identifying features, planning product roadmap, showing the customer what is being built and finally updating changelogs to show what is new. This is what Hellonext does!

Whereas, Headway only covers the part of updating customers on the latest product releases. Here is a quick list of all that Hellonext offers over Headway for you to make the right decision.

We offer much more advanced changelog solution

Changelog allows you to list down the latest product releases that include new updates and even bug fixes. In addition to the notes, you can show the customer feedback that helped you make this release by adding them to the release note.

Custom Domains for Feature Voting Tool

We’re are more than just a changelog- Show your product improvements via Roadmap

In contrast to Headway allowing the only changelog, Hellonext has Roadmap. The roadmap is a simple view to show what features are in the pipeline, are being built and what has been completed. This helps your customers get a clear picture of the product roadmap and plan their work accordingly. With our embed option, customers can embed the roadmap in their site directly.

Custom Domains for Feature Voting Tool

Your product feedback portal

Gather feedback from your customers, internally from your team, or from any stakeholders. Collaborate with all of them for gathering inputs and using that to drive product decisions

Custom Domains for Feature Voting Tool

Customizable Feedback buckets

Take a break from organizing and categorizing feature requests manually. Let Hellonext buckets do it for you. Create buckets based on the feedback you want to collect and even have private buckets for a closed group of people.

Each bucket can be customised to suit the purpose.

Custom Domains for Feature Voting Tool

Integration support like never before

Headway integrates only Twitter and Slack. With Hellonext you can integrate any tools that you use on a regular basis for a smooth handoff of information. We already Integrate seamlessly with 1000+ tools that you are using.

Intercom Feature Upvote tool
Slack Feature Upvote tool
Zapier Feature Upvote tool
Jira Feature Upvote tool
Chrome Feature Upvote tool
macOS Feature Upvote tool

Embed feedback widget

We provide multilingual support to ensure you can listen to customers regardless of their region and language. We support up to 10 widely used languages and we keep adding more as we grow.

Custom Domains for Feature Voting Tool

Multi-lingual support

We provide multilingual support to ensure you can listen to customers regardless of their region and language. We support up to 10 widely used languages and we keep adding more as we grow.

Custom Domains for Feature Voting Tool

Your data is safe with us

Privacy is assured from the moment you sign up and every time you use our platform. You have full control over your privacy settings. Options like post moderation, comment moderation, masking user details, guest submission, bucket privacy and organisation privacy add extra layers of protection.

Custom Domains for Feature Voting Tool

Improved new versions of Mobile-App only on Hellonext

We built our mobile to provide on the go support for admins to manage their organisation easily and with same, or even better, performance as of the web.
We support mobile for both iOs and Android.
Check out our new version releases!

Hellonext for iOSHellonext for Android

You can check out what more Hellonext has to offer over Headway. And See what we are building now and provide your feedback if any.

Transparent, neat pricing

Headway pricing starts at $29, why would you pay this much for just changelog features? Where Hellonext offers the entire product management solution at $25. Our aim is to support growing startups AND leading businesses so we do!

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