Canny.io Alternative for Customer Feedback Board

Canny.io Alternative for Customer Feedback Board

Looking for an alternative to Canny.io? Well, we’ve got you covered. We set out to test the best feedback boards software that you can trust and use for your product, and here’s a very brief comparison between Canny.io and its best alternative tool to manage your customer feedback for your product.

What is Canny.io?

Canny.io is a cloud-based high-cost software to collect and track customer feedback to build the features that will grow your business. The tool comes with feature voting, in-app widget, Changelog, Integrations and more. Though the tool is used by many, one issue that many worry about with Canny.io is its pricing and the feature set.

How much does Canny.io cost per month?

Canny.io is priced at $50 per month. But that’s not a straightforward pricing though. If you are using the platform a bit more than what’s within the limit of 1000 tracked users, then you’re going to pay an additional fee that makes Canny.io’s pricing very unpredictable.

For example, if you are a product owner, with over 2000 customers trying to help you build a better product by providing their feedback, you could end up paying as much as $300 or above to Canny.io’s punishing pricing strategy.

Today, there are tools like Hellonext which provides way better functionality than Canny.io for a flat-fee of $25.

You should never be punished for your growth. As a startup or product owner, keeping your costs predictable is crucial to your product’s success.

Is Canny.io worth the price?


There are many cases where customers have switched from Canny.io to better alternatives like Hellonext to cut down their costs, and gain more enterprise-grade features which are better than Canny.io.

What is the best Canny.io alternative?

hellonext.co is the best alternative to Canny.io till date. The team behind it is an 7 year old agency known for building great quality products for large enterprises and startups.

Hellonext’s pricing is very predictable with exceptional features all starting at just $25/month, flat fee. The team releases new features and improvements to the Hellonext every 24 hours all through the year, making Hellonext the best alternative to Canny.io.

How often does Canny.io update their product?

Canny is known for a slow product development process. So if you are about to sign up for them, but you find Canny missing some features than Hellonext, they could take months to get the feature out for you, which could be critical.

This, when compared to Hellonext, when you request a feature, there are very high possibility of that feature being pushed live within 48 hours. This insane speed of development that Hellonext has, also makes it one of the best Canny alternative in the industry.

What is Hellonext?

Hellonext is a customer feedback management tool with features like feedback boards, feature voting, roadmap and changelog. The product’s creators wish to make Hellonext the best end-to-end customer feedback management platform in the market.

As of today, Hellonext is being used by over 5,000 companies of all sizes all over the world. They are best known for the following:

  1. Quality of the product;
  2. Simple design;
  3. GDPR compliance;
  4. Zero tracking policy;
  5. Enterprise-grade security;

You can create your own feedback board for your product on Hellonext for a free 14-day trial: https://hellonext.co

Why choose Hellonext?

Hellonext is no small product. It is considered to be the best feedback boards or feature request tool in the market by thousands of companies all over the world.

Here are some of the reasons why people choose Hellonext over other tools like Canny.io:

  1. Predictable pricing
  2. Unlimited feedback boards
  3. Ability to mask user details
  4. Allow guests to vote on features
  5. Allow guests to submit new features
  6. Great spam control
  7. See detailed feedback overview for every feature request
  8. Export your data
  9. Privacy guaranteed with servers hosted in the EU and the US
  10. Manage feedback on iOS and Android apps

Who builds Hellonext?

Hellonext is built by the amazing team at Skcript. Skcript is a enterprise technology consulting company who works with banks and governments to build great products for users. The team behind Hellonext is a group within Skcript, who have been helping startups build great products since 2013.

How is my data protected with Hellonext?

Banks in the EU trust Hellonext to gather customer feedback. The amount of engineering that goes into building the stability and security of Hellonext is huge. Hellonext is GDPR compliant, which makes it the best Canny.io alternative as well.

Here’s what Michael Sippey has to say about getting meaningful customer feedback

Michael Sippey has been in the business of building products for over 20 years. He has a big trick that saves a ton of time, and energy in building products that matter to the customers. Here’s a quick outline of this 19 minute video that you are about to watch:

  1. Get customer feedback early (preferably before even the product is built).
  2. Rank the customer based on the sophistication.
  3. Know the problem before you build your product.
  4. The only way to know the customer’s problem is to talk to your customers.
  5. List down the problems you are solving with your product.

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