Why choose Hellonext over Canny for feature request tracking.

Tens and thousands of Product Managers have chosen Hellonext to be their superpower for collecting and triaging customer feedback. What would you choose?

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Trusted by 1500+ companies

Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform

First, a quick nod to the team at Canny.io

Canny team has built an excellent product to help large businesses. Suppose you're here evaluating Canny alternative or looking for Canny vs. Hellonext. In that case, you're doing the right thing by finding a product that helps you manage customer feedback efficiently, saving hours every week.

What's the difference between Hellonext and Canny?

The most significant difference is in our core values, our company's DNA. While there are differences in the product features, design, and such between Canny and Hellonext, our core values are what drives us.

The team at Canny.io is fully remote, and the product is built for a particular set of SaaS products. The entire team at Hellonext has been making some of the best enterprise applications for large banks and governments worldwide for the past decade. This experience helps us uniquely build Hellonext, which enables you to perform activities quicker.

In short, if you are a product manager or a product owner looking for a platform built to prioritize customer feedback, allow users to vote on features, publish product roadmap and changelog - all while making a fantastic product - then we're here to help you. We created Hellonext to help you engage your customers even more.

Need more help?

We understand. You gotta evaluate something a product that does not live on the hype cycle but has the best quality and feature-set. We asked some of our customers who have Hellonext always open in their browser to help write this page.

The rest of the page details some of the important features and values that sets us a class apart from any tool in the market, especially Canny.io.

Incase you need a personalized demo, we're here for you. Schedule a demo with our founder directly.

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Why Hellonext

An experience-first approach to customer feedback

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Updates everyday

We push updates every 24 hours, contributing to hundreds of new features every year to help you manage feedback better.

No data tracking

It is your right. We do not track any information about you or your customers. Hellonext is a safe place for your CX initiatives.

Priced just right

Starting at just $25/month, we made Hellonext the most affordable and powerful platform any company/individual can afford.

Humane support

You talk to people who can make decisions right then and there for you. No more putting you on hold and making you wait.


Nothing escapes the testing team. Hellonext goes through a ton of testing before you get to use it. We care about it a lot.

Designed for your users

Everything is designed with your users in mind. For them to easily submit feedback for you with no learning curve.

List of other alternatives to Canny

As we said, choose the right tool for you. Even better, ask us, and we will help you out. We compiled a list of other Canny alternatives you might find useful.

  • Best Canny alternative software


    User feedback, feature voting, & roadmap for product management.

    👍 Recommended

  • Canny Alternative


    A collaborative place for all your user requests.

  • Canny Alternative

    Product Board

    Productboard helps teams get the right products to market, faster.

  • Canny alternative


    Turn user feedback into actionable product optimizations.

  • Canny alternative


    Provides user insight, user guidance and user communication for digital product teams.

  • Canny alternative


    Customer Feedback and Product Management software to help you build better products.

    🛑 Most expensive

  • Canny alternative


    Helps SaaS Support, Success, and Product teams centralize feedback.

Best feature voting tool you will love using.

The best product managers trust Hellonext as their feature request tool of choice. Experience Hellonext today.

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