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Hands-down the best alternative to Canny is Hellonext. Way better features, super-friendly support, and predictable pricing.

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Looking for the best alternative and competitor to Canny.io? Find out which product feedback software is right for your product, and which software to use to centralize customer feedback.

Today, hundreds of customers are using a tool like Canny.io to track customer feedback, submit support tickets, and collaborate internally about new features for their product. But Canny.io is very limited in features, and could cost you more than what you should pay for. This is exactly where Hellonext comes in.

Hellonext was built from ground-up by product managers to help build the best product feedback software for SaaS companies. With features way above what Canny offers, Hellonext has quickly become the #1 product feedback software in the industry.

Why people choose Hellonext

Thousands of product companies have moved from Canny.io to Hellonext for better features, support, and value for money.

Blazing fast

Hellonext is built for speed. Everything you need to do is at your fingertips, and you can get more done in less time.

Save time. Get more things done.

Widgets, embeds & more

Hellonext Admin Dashboard

Take Hellonext where your users are. With widgets, embeds & APIs, you can put things right in front of your users.

Customizable Roadmaps

Customize every aspect of your roadmap. Right from lanes to cards. Build rich product roadmaps.

Make it yours with customizable roadmaps!

Submission Templates

Help users submit feedback faster with submission templates. Pre-fill content you need from the users with submission templates unique for every board.

Internal Comments

Collaborate internally with your team about a feedback. Stay in context of what the user has asked for with internal comments.

Most powerful admin dashboard

Hellonext Admin Dashboard

Your admin dashboard is built to make your a power user. Manage feedback at scale with context menus, superfast responses, and beautiful UI.

With keyboard shortcuts and command palette, your admin dashboard is powered with rich management features to help you achieve more in less time.

Lightning fast search

Hellonext Lightning Search

Search anything you want with a blink of an eye. Everything is presented to you superfast.

Single Sign-on

With SSO integration, you can bring your users into Hellonext without asking them to login again to give you feedback.

Custom Domains

Map your domain name to your Hellonext account like feedback.catcompany.com to provide a seamless experience.

Effective merging

Hellonext's powerful merge posts feature helps you make informed decisions about managing duplicates.

Configurable webhooks

With webhooks, you can get critical alerts from Hellonext anywhere you need.

New features every 14 days

We push new feature updates to Hellonext every 14 days while iterating existing features every single day. Our team of 10 is listening to your feedback constantly to make Hellonext better everyday.

And there is even more...

We make daily improvements and push new features to every 14 days.

Team inbox • Post templates • Webhooks • Saved notifications inbox • Fast post creation • Keyboard shortcuts • Command palette • Responsive design • Native integrations • Custom rules • Workflows • Super fast search • Powerful editor • Popup widgets • Dedicated SSO page • Custom branding • Whitelabled emails • Letterbox • Downvote option • Limit number of votes • Priority ratings • Recommended posts • Custom board slugs • Custom OpenGraph image • Drag-drop Kanban Roadmap • Multiple sign-in options • @ mention anywhere • Schedule changelog • Customizable notifications • Saved inbox • Notification archives • 100+ features.

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