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Hellonext is a great alternative to Boardmap.io feedback tool with a predictable pricing, beautiful interface, and over 50 features to help you build a feature request portal for your product. Here's what makes Hellonext, the best feature upvote tool in the market.

No credit card required. New features every 14 days.

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Hellonext runs on all major platforms.
Guest feature voting and submission

No signup required to vote

Choose how your users can submit feature requests or feature voting on your Hellonext account. Under Bucket settings, you can choose toallow anyone to submit feedback or vote on features without having to login or sign up. You can even embed a widget of that particular bucket on your website and use it as your feedback portal in just minutes. And yes, we do spam prevention as well.

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Guest feature voting and submission

Priced right. Just for you.

$25/month for Hellonext comes with unlimited boards, unlike 1 board in Boardmap.io. WithBoardmap.io charges $50 per month to truly get the features that Hellonext feature voting tool provides. The support, budget, features, everything has been put together to be the right tool for your feature voting tool needs.

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New features. Every 14 days.

New feature every 14 days is our promise. We are working day-in-day-out to build the product that could potentially become the Operating System for Customer Feedback. We make incrementalupdates every single day, and big features every two weeks.

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Timeless Design.

We have built some of the best user interfaces for the top tech companies in the world. That taught us how to think about design that will allow your customers to provide feedback easily, so that you receive good feedback, and grow exponentially. Everything has beenhand-crafted and iterated every single day.

Hellonext's UI is way ahead of other tools like Boardmap.io. We saw a 3x increase in customer engagement when we started using Hellonext to our users. This is what we pay for. - Senior Product Manager of a Analytics SaaS Product.

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Unlimited Boards.

Boards (aka Buckets) are a great way to help you organize feedback. With Hellonext, you can create Boards for each use-case like Paid Customer Feedback, Bugs, Internal Suggestions and more. With Boardmap.io, you are unfortunately limited to only one Board in their base plan, still limited by 5 Boards in their higher pricing plan, and for you to get unlimited boards, you gotta pay$100/month to Boardmap.io. Which is expensive, and a BIG NO.

You need to have the power and freedom to organize your customer feedback or feature voting in any way you need. Hellonext is the perfect fit for you.

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50+ Power Features & Growing.

When we were just two people back in 2018, our dream was to build a product that could cover the entire lifecycle of customer feedback of products. We strated building features that we thought would be of help to people like you. Today, with the help of our customers' feedback, we are growing stable on the features as well as on the users.

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Guest feature voting and submission

Available on iOS & Android.

Hellonext is the only product to bring the feedback management platform to managers on their phones, tablets and laptops. The beautifully designed and free feature voting tool can be downloaded on iOS, Android and we would being it to even Windows Mobile if that comes back up in the future.

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Built by Product Managers, for Product Managers.

Hellonext was built by people who helped organizations create some of the most beautifully designed, large-scale prodcuts. We get what you are thinking. We're herefor with you.

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Welcome to Hellonext. Just signup for a free trial. Ping us from the Admin portal to start the migration. We will be with you in no time. And, you also get a20% discount for the first three months. When you move from Boardmap.io.

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Perfect. I'll walk you through personally, and make sure you are making the right choice for your product. No salesy talk or convincing.Just a conversationto understand your product and help you to make a smart decision.

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